Brief History Of The Company

The Company was founded in 1987 under the name of PT Ricky Putra Garmindo based on Notarial deed No. 166 dated December  22,  1987 of Public Notary Sinta Susikto, S.H., as the company's continued personal business of Genefo and Genefo ll.

Along with the progess of the Company, in 1996 changed its name to the of PT Putra Ricky Globalindo based on Notarial deed No. 97 dated June 26, 1996 of Public Notary Raharti Sudjardjanti, S.H., to clarify the scope of its business activities.

In 1997, the Company changed its status to a public company after listing its shares on the Jakarta Stock Exchange and Surabaya Stock Exchange and changed its name to PT Putra Ricky Globalindo Tbk based on Notarial deed No. 99 dated July 10, 1997 of Public Notary Raharti Sudjardjanti, S.H.

The Company's domicile is in Jakarta with its plants in Citeureup-Bogor dan Cicalengka-Bandung The Company's head office is located at Jl. Sawah Lio ll No. 29-37, West Jakarta The Company commenced its commercial operations in 1988 and its products are sold to domestic and international markets.

Business Line

The Company has five business sectors, namely:
  1. Clothes that can be grouped into 3 main products, namely:

    a. Men's underwear products consisting of 7 major product segments to serve the domestic market under the brands Ricky, GTman, Ricsony, GTman Kid, GTKid, Gtman Sport and BUM Equipment. Each of these products is divided into several types that are distinguished based on the model, color type of raw materials and packaging.

    b. Apparel products cormprising intemational licensed clothing and own brands. To reach a wider market development, controlling a wider space in department stores and support the production capacity, the Company produces intemational licensed outfit consisting of FIFA, Transformer: Hello Kitty, Disney Princess, Cars, Strawbery Shortcake, Barbie, Angry Bird Classic, Angry Bird Space and Despicable Me. Variety of clothing is highly dependent on the trends of fashion for the segmentation of children, adolescents and adults, both women and men.

    c. Underwear products and apparel of special orders from buyers both overseas and domestic such as nightdress, women's underwear, t - shirts and polo shirts with the segmentation of children, adolescents and adults, both women and men.

  2. Knitting yam composed of cotton knitting yarn and TC with variations in different sizes.
  3. Knit fabric products, under the banner of PT Ricky Tekstil Indonesia in cooperation with third parties to manufacture knitted fabric (raw material) into finished garment products.
  4. Business sector of specific apparel production for export under PT Ricky Garment Exportindo and PT RT Mahkota Globalindo.
  5. Restaurant business sector under the auspices of PT Ricky Citra Rasa.

Vision and Mision :


To become an apparel company Integrated from upstream to downstream with national brands.


To prepare and distribute quality products to all corners of the country to serve the needs of the people and grow and develop together wlth our county.